I already have enough heroes to clear the gold mine event consistently (Kai/Shizu Ninjas, Freya Dragoon, etc.), so my dilemma is more about general usage for Story mode, Guild Raid and events.

Points for Assassin
- I like Sora Assassin looks better.
- Her pet skill seems more useful due to the AOE 2-turn silence
- Hero aura seems useful (35% dodge) and is more reliable
- Pet has more reliable skill, damage and survivability compared to ninja pet (stealthed 1 extra turn)

Points for Ninja
- Shorter CD for pet summon (1 turn)
- Hero seems to have greater survivability (60% dodge vs 35%) but AI seems to prefer squishier targets in the backline, right?
- Higher offensive capability via her aura, right? But proc chance seems low unless you really fill up all the aura slots?
- Pet skill can be used offensively or defensively, right?

Please help


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