Has anyone seen a RPG game where you are free of making your own decisions and you can be whatever you want like for example: If I'm... lets say a Swordmaster or a healer and I want to buy a shop inside the game and make my own weapons and put the skills the damage, speed, my own price etc. and sell them for other players in my own shop, and then like that I can get money for my own things like a house or a rented shop that someone else is using, maybe for my armor, weapons, skills etc.

Isn't there a game like that? A RPG, PVP, PVE, Online, multiplayer, Openworld game? Maybe something like in the series of Sword Art Online, where you can have different skills, like cooking, Seller, or Swordsmith and a bunch of other things. A game with currency with banks where everyone can do whatever they want.

Please help.


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https://www.gamespot.com/forums/games-d … 3406993/#2

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