I'm playing on XBOX One. After starting the game in the top right corner there is my name and ranking and showing me the info that I'm 25# in the World and 3rd in Germany. This also pops up after every online race. I found it really confusing that I'm "so good" because I only unlocked Canoyond Drift Blue Series in Solo Player and in Online Racing I'm only Echelon 1. So I checked out players.turbo.com and it shows me totally different, more realistic states for XBOX One.
What is the Ranking shown in the top right corner? There is no documentation that explains how the ranking is calculated. And where the hell do I find the leaderboards by track ingame like in Trackmania United? That's one of the most important features for the solo campaign!
Please help.

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http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/16 … nking-work

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