I can't find a way to consistently achieve Double Strike...
It seems all other flags are all possible to get with a strategy.
In the later parts of the game when all the remaining DD's are weak, you could vector your DB's to one and your TB's to another and let RNG play its part, or if you see a weak BB, commit just enough to kill it and strike something else that is relatively low.  All of the other classes are hampered by their reload.  Splitting your salvo and trying to juggle health bars are extremely inefficient.  The other option is to just dump 15 torps with the Shima toward the enemy or smoke and hope people stumble into them.

The closest you can probably get is a late-game scenario when playing a CV, as you might be able to strike two separated enemies who are both low on health and AA guns at the same time, but that's still a situation many games never get to.

Please help.

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https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic … oost-flag/

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