I am fairly sure that MFCAA either adds or multiplies on top of the already-present bonus of 30% when manually selecting aircraft, giving a total multiplier of 2.3x or 2.6x (added/multiplied respectively) before adding in Defensive Fire, which definitely multiplies and brings the total to 6.9x/7.8x respectively.

This is what makes the Benson AA platform such an integral part of competitive play: last time I did the math, it came out to over 489 DPS for the 5" guns.
I think the AA buffs are additive too, but not 100% sure. I tried to do the calcs on AA once before and botched it all up. :Smile_child::Smile_teethhappy.
I know LWM knows. Hey, maybe we can summon her. LWM, I will sink you in PvP the first time I see you. : Smile_izmena:

Yeah, that should do it. Now I'll get one shot detonated in PvP.

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