So, I sold my Konig Albert to get some credits to buy a ship thinking, since I bought it with gold, that I would be able to get it back later using silver.  Am I out of luck since this ship isn't being sold on the market anymore?

Well no its not its premium ship not a tech tree one, gold is the same as cash do you pay cash for tech tree ships no you don't, think about it for moment if they started letting people pay for premium ships in silver what would be the point of them being a premium ship.Just remember and pay attention to the quote that 'hoom' posted....you sold it for silver meaning credits because you needed them, so in order to get the ship back you must have that amount of credits in your account in order to get the ship back as they are going to take the money back from you, no creds, no ship.
I'm not sure whether it applies to prem ship purchases, sales, or both though.

Please help.

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