We are not So experienced in hay day but the First day when the Camping Derby begun, we see 7 out of 10 Tasks were Fishing Releted and Grant heavy rewards, how ever nobody chosen to complete Fishing tasks as we're weak on that one. Rest are not eligible for one, hence the papers clogged up the task board and we cannot even trash it so It lacked our 700+ derby points.

Task in the camping derby was suppose to be up to 400 points. My team discarded several tasks under 400 losing thousands of leaderboad points but we only got 2 task for 400 points. 30 task completed and only 2 task worth 400 points this wasn't a fair derby. The camping derby was no fun also because we were stuck with a lot fishing task which was boring! The camping derby stinks!
I am part of a two person NH. My partner usually opts out of the derby, and always with the special ones, ha! This gives me a chance to play how I want. I trashed about three times as much, did a couple of fishing, lots of production and finished with 3909 points, which gave me second place. I finished behind someone with 4000, who finished on Thursday. Hmmmm? I received some nice prizes including two scrolls and a derby deco. Made up for the long week.

I am grateful that it is over and behind us. Very ready to see some positive and happy posts in the forum again.

Please help.

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