In practice, even winning races with users with the highest level of my own, winning trackmaster medals in "campaign mode" the percentage of the level (the colored one to say) does not increase.

I'm at level 9 for 2 months, and the percentage, despite the progress described, always stays at 0%. : /

In fact, I will tell you more, at the end of each race, online multiplayer or campaign, the game from the advancement to the world, nation and region; I instead of climbing down ..................

I would like to have some explanations, if it is normal that this is the case, if there is a disservice or anything else ...

Often and willingly, even last night, when I select the online room to play, there appears a phrase saying "this room can not improve your performance in the rankings", although inside the room there are users of the highest level of my "Roma12681".
Although in that room I make the first position, I do not take points ....

It seems like a strange thing .........

It is not normal, at least in my opinion, that in more races where I get in first position, I do not take points ... CONTROL THE USERS WHO ARE CLASSIFIED IN POSITION ARE! Taller than mine, and despite this we do not take points !!! |!

Is it possible to get an answer from someone who knows what I'm talking about?

Please help.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/16 … th-level-9

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