I currently have 16 valianites and am thinking of using the valianites to get the 5* equipment selector to complete my Titan's Might Set as I already have the ring and sword. The 5* set are quite important but I do want Cybella as I really want an archer. So my questions is, to all the veteran players out there, what did you use your Valianites for? Is there certain situation where you need to use your Valianites differently? 
I've been playing this game for a month now and was thinking to use my Valianites for the 3* Hero Selector. However, I've noticed that despite getting the hero you want, sometimes the faith you get is disappointing. Moreover, I am quite happy with my hero pulls as I got Sven on the 3rd day of the new event and also have:
- Lucielle-:Arcibishop
-2 Ronan: Mind warder, Rune Magus.

Please help.

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https://forum.playvaliantforce.com/view … amp;t=3789

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