I actually regret Drake Dragoon as I summoned a lot, did not get him, and used my valianites just to get him. And some more valianites for a pixie to change hin to Ares. It's fun seeing him trigger 20+ though. But trust me, he triggers that much but BSK's damage is still undeniably better than him.
I have a BK darrion, a crusader faye, and a vampiric rune...
Should i make drake as a SDD with lots of aura slave or make drake the aura slave for another DD?
Lots of polls and forums suggest that glad drake is more useful due to his sleep skill and can be an aura slave for other DDs but i saw a video with dragoon drake as a SDD with 3 aura slave and a vamp rune and drake aura triggers a lot and hits the enemy a total of 19 times(about 4k-6k dmg each i think) and i was overwhelmed.

Please help.

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