I'm new player to the game and really loving it. I would like some help on how to build a good squad for arena and story mode. I've been playing vf now for over a week.
Its difficult to get a lot of 5* potential with correct faith but be patient coz after 4 months, u will not have enough job relics to promote them.
Like most of games, there are many heroes that are second rate. Look for first rate heroes and build them first. There will always be new hero that may make the already first rate heroes obsoleted but thats the cycle of gacha game.
There are variety of team compositions and if u have patience enough, wait for the right heroes. The most common end game team compositions now are trigger rangers team and sdd team (check guide section for sdd thread for basic understanding).
Also when is the next event?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

https://forum.playvaliantforce.com/view … amp;t=4291

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