Almost one year since game release and not even a hint of their arrival into the game. Who is the villain of VF? Balthor? He's kind of a sad excuse of a villain.
IMO Lore is one of the important aspect of a game because it takes you into a journey with the characters and develop bonds with the game.
Faith is very unique to VF and it's very potential to develop faith lores into the game such as who are the gods, why do they worship them, and what is the relation to VF heroes with the gods?

VF has so much potential and it's very saddening for me to see it wasted.
Tales of Rays is a great competitor for VF as tales series has very good story telling, character development, beautiful art and gameplay. Also great service. I'm just saying :p

I appreciate the work of MiloD and your effort. But I think the problem lies within development team. I do hope you can bring VF to its greatest potential.

Please help.

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