Matilda doesn't seem as OP as Sven or Talissa... judging from how she is not used in arena as much in the top ranks.

Would like your feedback regarding the following thoughts on her jobs:
1. Witch Doctor
- Better in PvP although still not optimal (turn refresh/skill delay counter), but is her aura useful in PvE too? I can't get a feel for how well the aura works in practice.

2. Spirit Walker
- Better in PvE due to her pet abilities and her own skill, but how good is that aura in practice? I do note the buffs to her attack after she summons as well as the aura's 120% but don't healers have rather low base attack to begin with?

3. Do either ones complement a SDD build? I was wondering if a Matilda could be used as a 5th team member consisting of Vincent/Sven, Kahuna and two life leech aura providers, or are there better heroes to fit that 5th slot like a attack trigger hero.
Please help


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